Feature of best online pay per head bookie

It is a bookmaking software where you have to pay some money for each player to provide better services to their clients. In this bookie have the leverage to limit the bets and game according to each player and minimize their profit.

Pay per head software

The first thing that comes in mind about the pay per head services is their advance software which has encryption technology which helps you to control the business. Their software comes with all in one package which comprises of many things like risk management, customer support, live gambling, controllability of player, account management and decision making. Understand bookie pay per head, here.

Sports betting as well as online casino

Pay per head services offers sports betting where you can bet on horse riding, football, baseball, NASCAR, basketball and many more. Apart from sports betting they also provide online casino services in which they have around hundreds of varieties of the game like blackjack, Texas Holdem poker, baccarat, online slot machines, roulette and much more.

Offline as well as online service

Pay per head services will give you an option for their clients to choose an online or offline (mobile phone) option in which their clients is suitable. This mobile service option gives you flexibility when your internet connection is weak, and you have the opportunity to place your bet on phone without any delay.

Automatic account handling

So much time is gone in finding the new clients and maintain your business. While accounting, it is easy that you make an error and you don’t know how much money you have to pay to your clients. So these pay per head services gives you the automatic calculation and tells you about the profitability, balance and budget.

Low cost of $5

Their fees structure is around $5 pay per head which is very low as compare to others, and it doesn’t depend on how much many players you have; there are no minimum signup criteria. Unlike others, we don’t take a commission from the profit margin. They also accept almost all the payment option like western union, Moneygram etc.

If you are looking for the new business and you don’t have so much money to invest, and you don’t have technical knowledge then online sports bookie is the best option for you. You can start your business without investment. You can also get a free trial offer.