6 Conditions for Successful Edge Sorting

The following conditions must be met in order for a player to be able to successfully use the Edge Sorting Technique in Edge Sorting Blackjack or Edge Sorting Punto Banco.

1. Casino:

Your appearance must say: ‘What is edge sorting? Never heard of it! ‘ The casino must not hear anything about your plan.

2. Rotation of cards:

Edge sorting is not possible if the cards in the game are flipped as they are dealt. As soon as the orientation of the cards changes, whether through the hand of the dealer or the player, the edge sorting technique is no longer effective.

3. Card shuffling by a machine:

Should a machine shuffle the Poker Edge Sorting card deck (as is common in most cases), it must also maintain the card direction and not rotate it 180 degrees.

4. Imprint

The printing on the back of the cards should clearly show an asymmetrical pattern.

5. Viewing the map:

You can only benefit from the Edge Sorting Technique if you are able to see the backs of the cards in the game.

6. Third party influence at mobilecasinofreebonus.com:

No other person should be able to intervene in the game in any way. This is the only way to ensure that the orientation of the edge sorting cards does not change.

Note: Edge Sorting Poker is not considered legitimate gambling behavior

We would like to emphasize that the Edge Sorting Technique is not permitted as a game strategy in card games and that you are entering illegal terrain. Basically, the method can be compared with the well-known, extremely questionable method of card marking, in which fraudsters, like with Edge Sorting Punto Banco, first made simple kinks or dents to mark the cards.

Making markings is even more difficult

Then, when the backs of the cards got a different design, players changed their strategy and started using subtle scratches and ink marks instead. This illegal technique has considerable disadvantages, even if implemented effectively, since the markings are only visible when the player comes very close to the cards. It is then also more obvious to other players that the dubious player is trying to recognize something and is thus giving himself away.

The casinos take rigorous action against edge sorting

As you can see, both techniques try to take advantage of the mistakes and inequalities of the cards without the gambling libraries and fellow players noticing anything. Clearly, the real mistake in the case of Edge Sorting Blackjack lies with the card manufacturer. Nevertheless, the player who takes advantage of this makes himself the culprit in the end. We find it very clear that the casinos themselves are to blame – but they don’t see it that way.

The fact is that edge sorting puts players in extreme danger and we advise you not to use the edge sorting technique when visiting the casino. Nevertheless, it is primarily one of the tasks of the casinos to minimize the risk of such fraud by taking appropriate steps to counteract the Edge Sorting Cards. Cards must be carefully examined and card manufacturers should be aware of their responsibilities. After all, clever players basically do nothing more than look at the back of the card.

Player Phil Ivey went down in casino history for cheating

A few years ago everyone was still wondering: What is edge sorting? The Edge Sorting Technique only became really well known in 2012 through the case of Phil Ivey, who was discovered while using this Poker Edge Sorting method. Edge sorting poker had long been a lucrative method of winning card games by then, but word of it hadn’t gotten around that far.

It wasn’t until Ivey bagged $ 10 million in the United States and then £ 12 million in England within a very short period of time that the regulatory authorities took notice. Since Ivey was already a world-famous player at that time, he was henceforth examined very carefully. Experts looked at the video recordings of the casino games in question and were able to determine that Ivey was playing a particularly sophisticated game: He asked the US casino to be able to use the Edge Sorting Cards that were already in use. He also appears to have insisted that an automatic card shuffler be used. He even asked that he want to flip a few cards beforehand so that they would ‘bring him luck’ at these free online slots

A clever move to cover up your criminal acts with superstition. Ultimately, however, the casino employees became suspicious. A lengthy trial began against him and he was ultimately accused of fraud and was fined a large number of times. In addition, the casinos did not pay him the majority of the sums won through edge sorting.

This is how responsible casinos should act against the Edge Sorting Technique

Casinos should make sure that the Edge Sorting German cards are not only shuffled with each other with each shuffling process, but also rotated. This should be done regardless of whether the cards already have an unpatented back or not. If an automatic shuffler is used when playing in the casino, then ideally the casino would have to ensure that the cards are shuffled and turned manually again. This is the only way to rule out an edge sorting risk.

In the fight against the Edge Sorting Technique, new cards are already leading the way: Card manufacturers against Edge Sorting Punto Banco are tinkering an either light or dark border around the individual cards around the pattern on the back, so that players can use their clever Edge Sorting Cards have no more chance. In addition, there is the absolute symmetry of each individual card, because even machine-imprecise cutting can already ensure that the cards have a flaw that is advantageous for the edge sorting player, which allows individual cards to be recognized. In any case, the manufacturing process of the card deck must be flawless.

– Do without card samples

The card manufacturers should only produce cards that are suitable for fair play without the risk of edge sorting blackjack. No patterns, no asymmetrical card corners, no circles, no different numbers of symbols and no other gimmicks that led to the problem in the first place.

– Always use a new card deck

The solution for edge sorting is actually logical and so effective: casinos should always exchange the individual card decks. Some experts even say that the Poker Edge Sorting cards used should be completely destroyed.

If that had been done back then in the Ivey case, he would not have stood a chance with his edge sorting case. If so, one would still be ignorant of the question today: What is edge sorting? But as a world star gamer wanted to do him the favor of using the same deck again, this fraud case came about in the first place, which will be remembered for eternity.

Edge Sorting: Questions and Answers

► What is Edge Sorting?

Sorting means sorting, edge means edge. The point is that it is possible to draw conclusions about the value of the cards based on the pattern of playing card backs.

► Does Edge Sorting always work?

No, sometimes the cards are made in such a way that it is practically impossible. For example, if there is no pattern on the back of this one. Besides, it’s not always very clear. Not every card can be properly identified with it. However, rough information can already be enough to gain an advantage and thus play positively on average.

► Is edge sorting allowed?

Of course, that depends on who you ask. The casinos are resisting it. A well-known case is that of Phil Ivey, an American poker and card player who shaved millions off baccarat at some Vegas casinos by using the edge sorting method. Up to a certain point, casinos cannot prove that one is paying attention to the back of the cards.