How to limit your gaming time

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Lots of players struggle with moderation when it comes to gaming these days. With immersive video games and top quality online games available to players, it can be easy to get sucked in and lose a few hours when you just intended playing for ten minutes. Many players try to limit and moderate their gaming time without success, so how exactly do you do this successfully? 

Use Timers

Timers are a great way to give you a visual or aural reminder of how long you have been playing. Many players struggle with moderation in gaming due to losing track of time. If you are reminded of the time you have been playing, it becomes much easier to stop when you promised yourself you would. It works very well for casino games as it takes you out of the mental zone you have created for yourself.

You should also remember to set a timer that triggers after the first timer. This is because lots of players will just stop the original timer and go back to gaming. If there’s a second timer that goes off a few minutes later, then it will give the impetus to stop playing. Of course, that won’t always work, and in that case,other measures can be taken. 

Use power outlet timers

This is a more extreme method, but it is incredibly effective. With the average amount of time spent gaming increasing, it can be hard for players to walk away. What often stops players from stopping in the time they have given themselves is what is sometimes called, “One more checkpoint syndrome.” This is when players will keep saying to themselves that they will just get to one more checkpoint or play one more stage, and then they will finish. Of course, at the end of each stage, that promise is made again, and the cycle continues. 

Power outlet timers give players a specific amount of time to play on the device they are using. It is set when the device is first plugged in, and then the user gets a certain amount of time with power being provided to the device. What is so good about these is that it forces players to save the game and close down after making it to the next stage. If they don’t and the power runs out in the middle of the stage, it could lead to progress being completely lost. That gives players the impetus to save and shut the device down before the timer runs out so that the time spent gaming isn’t a waste. It will also work just as well at an NJ online casino as it will with games consoles.

These can also be combined with timers to give a warning when there the time is close to running out. If the timer is set to 10 minutes before the outlet timer runs out, players will have a 10-minute warning to finish up and save the game. This makes it much easier to moderate your gameplay.